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Past Teams

Teams from Etsy, Squarespace, Google, Viacom, MakeSpace, Spotify, Scottrade, Fanchest, Tough Mudder,, Citigroup, and many others, have come out to Beat The Bomb. They've all had a great time!

Groups & Sizing

We can tailor your experience for any size group. Our game is designed for teams of 2-6 players. For a group larger than 6, we would break your group into multiple teams. Up to 2 teams can play simultaneously, and new teams can start gameplay every 15 minutes.


About Us

Leave your corporate identity behind as you transform into a Bomb Defusal Operative. Beat The Bomb is the perfect test of teamwork, communication, cooperation as you solve challenges in order to deactivate a paint bomb. Don't let your next work outing be boring. Bring your team to Beat The Bomb, and see how much fun getting BLASTED can be!

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